Message from our President and COO


We are excited to announce our new vision and direction. We are incorporating a new brand and market strategy which includes the development and offerings of new products and services. You will see the results on our website. Our efforts have been greatly praised and acknowledged by our clients, and I want to thank those clients, partners, and alliances who participated in our market, technology, and customer research. Their feedback was instrumental in establishing the foundation for our new business model.

Our goal in conducting the research was to identify corporations' current and future information technology requirements and then design and develop offerings of customizable turn-key information solutions. We will continue with this ongoing research and feedback on a yearly basis from our clients and channel partners.

VISUAL ELECTRONICS LTD is now in position to assist our prospects and clients with total Information Integration Solutions which will help them make their visions become reality. This will be accomplished by solutions which are focused on increasing profitability, lowering cost of operation, and lowering customer and employee turnover. Since 1979, the cornerstone of our company has, and always will be, providing the best customer service and support offered in the industry.

We realize we can't be everything to everybody. My commitment is: If we are not the right solution or company for you, we will recommend the right course of action to you. However, if we propose a solution, we know in our hearts and minds that no other company is more capable than we are of delivering the right solution. This is part of our company's values and principles which make up our corporate culture. Our employees are measured on how well they live up to our culture, and they're awarded for their efforts.

With this commitment, we look forward to establishing longterm relationships based on trust, respect, confidence, and comfort which is greatly needed in today's business world. To your future success!

Best regards,

Andrew R. Candreva
President and Chief Operating Officer
Visual Electronics, Ltd.


Denver, CO